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Key Features and Benefits

Using revolutionary Peptide technology, uberlash is formulated to naturally promote the growth of longer, thicker lashes. The active ingredient is designed to increase the production of keratin - a naturally occurring protein - at the follicular level during the anagen phase. 



This physician-tested, non-irritating lash enhancement breakthrough completely transforms the appearance of your lashes. If you desire a lash line that looks thick, long and full, Uberlash is the formula for you. Results may be seen in as little as 2 weeks!

  • 100%saw an increase in the appearance of eyelash length, fullness and thickness after 30 days.
  • 100%indicated a superior performance of this product when compared to previously used eyelash enhancement products.
  • 100%said they feel like they need less mascara.
  • 100%would recommend Uberlash to a friend.

*Results based on an 8-week independent clinical study with product application once a day.


8 Week Study

Uberlash was shown to be effective in providing moderately to dramatically longer looking eyelashes. On average, participants experienced a 40% increase in lash length and density in only 2 weeks, with an end result of 75% on average. The results were astounding!


For more information and instructional videos, visit our uberlash and uberbrow pages.